With direct deposit services from Kern Schools, it is easier than ever to receive your paycheck! Replace the paper checks you receive from your employer with an electronic deposit that goes directly in to your Kern Schools account.

Benefits of direct deposit:

  • Ensures a seamless deposit! Even if you are out of town, traveling, or whatever the case may be, your funds will go directly into your account.

  • Saves time! Avoid long lines on payday!
  • Eliminates the risks of stolen or misplaced checks!

Take advantage of the convenience and security of direct deposit. Contact us today or stop by your nearest branch location to learn more.

Direct Deposit Forms

Download the applicable PDF form, and submit to your employer.

Payroll Deduction

With payroll deduction, you can choose to deposit a portion of your payroll into your Kern Schools account(s). You determine the amount you want deposited and it is automatically deducted by your employer and sent directly to Kern Schools. Please verify with your employer whether or not payroll deduction is a service offered and, if so, simply contact us on Live Chat, visit any of our conveniently located branches, or call our Contact Center at (661) 833-7900 / (800) 221-3311 (if outside of Bakersfield) to authorize your selection(s).

  • Conveniently deposit money without visiting a branch.
  • A simple method for making loan payments.
  • Helps to easily establish and maintain a savings program.