Routing numbers and properly formatted account numbers are important in the processing of debits and credits between financial institutions. Anytime you set up a direct deposit or automatically have funds taken from your account(s), it is imperative correct routing and account number(s) be provided.

Routing Number

A routing number is required for all electronic debits and credits to and from your Kern Schools savings or checking account.

The routing number for Kern Schools is 322273722.

Account Number

An electronic debit or credit also requires a properly formatted account number. The proper format for savings and checking accounts is as follows:

Savings Account:

The last digit of your savings account number must be in the tenth position with preceding zeros.

If your Kern Schools Membership number is four digits long, simply add six zeros at the beginning.


Membership Number Format For Savings Account
Account Number Format For Direct Deposit
1234 0000001234
12345 0000012345
123456 0000123456

Checking Account:

This information is located on the bottom of your checks.  The first set of numbers is the routing number followed by your thirteen (13) digit account number. If you do not have a check to refer to, please contact the Contact Center at (661) 833-7900 or (800) 221-3311 (if outside of Bakersfield).

Checking Account Routing Number