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Newest Scam with Old Theme – Send $ to get $

There are many scammers who pretend to be government officials – from the IRS, Social Security, and even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The latest twist is an email from – supposedly – the Secretary of State. In the email, someone pretending to be Secretary Tillerson says you’re owed a payment – which he knows… View Article

What to look for in email or a web site!

Cybercriminals are targeting all kinds of organizations by setting up different, but similar, domain names which appear to come from an actual business. So you know, Kern Schools’ domain name is ksfcu.org. As such, emails coming from Kern Schools will have the team member or department’s email name followed by @ksfcu.org. Two examples of such… View Article

Scammers Fake Netflix Emails

Beware Phishing Emails scams on popular business offerings! Cybercriminals are targeting Netflix users with several scams you need to watch out for. Some of these scams claim you need to update your payment information, and others try to trick you into downloading software for a cheaper version of Netflix. Do not fall victim for any… View Article

FTC Imposter Email Scam is Back

The email tells you there’s a complaint against your business, and wants you to click on a link. Here’s what one of the scam emails said: “This notification has been automatically sent to you because we have received a consumer complaint, claiming that your company is violating the CCPA (Consumer Credit Protection Act). According to… View Article